Want To Make More Money?? Pick Up The Phone and Call!

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Today, who does not want to increase their revenue? America is in a financial crisis and businesses across the nation are hurting. Of course, with less revenue, one of the primary methods we use to increase our business may not be possible as we have less money to advertise. This becomes a vicious circle. The answer to this conundrum is inexpensive and is right at the end of our fingertips. It is time for every business in America to go back to basics and start dialing.

It is too easy for us to use other means of communications in this world of electronic marketing. Just dash off an email or rely upon the Internet. Old school ways of engaging our targets are just not used enough anymore. Well, drastic times call for drastic action. We would like to impart some rules for reaching out and touching your base.

First, determine who should be called. Some targets are more important than others. You can’t call thousands of people. Therefore, you want to make sure the calls you make are the most important calls. How do you identify your most important targets?They are likely to be those who have a higher level of business to refer and also with which you have a close relationship. This means that the most effective calls are likely to be directed to your personal sphere. Those with which we have a close relationship are more likely to help us.Steven Covey says that we have built up an “emotional bank account.”

Second, determine your objective in calling. Once we have decided which are the most important calls to make, we must determine our objective for each call. It is here where most of us fall short because–

We are not specific enough. Yes, we understand that more business is the purpose of each call; but what exactly do you want to accomplish with every call?

We need to understand that we are not calling everyone to badger them for business. There are additional objectives that can be achieved besides getting an “account” or a “transaction” from the phone call. For example, if a friend introduces you to a great referral source, that action may be much more valuable in the long-run as opposed to obtaining one additional transaction.

You will be much less reluctant to call those you know if you know that you do not have to apply pressure for business each time you call. The key is to figure out how these people can help you. There is a second key and we will address that in the final point.

Next, you must also understand the multiple objective rule. Synergy marketing rules dictate that you achieve more than one objective with each action. This includes the phone calls we are asking you to make. For example, when you call your previous customers, you might obtain referrals for more business. This is a good thing! Catching up with your customers and seeing how they are doing and how you can help them further also increases your retention rates. There is no more important objective than retaining the business you already have, whether it is keeping an account or obtaining their next transaction. Additionally, with personal calls, you can get caught up with your friends, neighbors and relatives and still achieve the business objectives of your call. Shouldn’t we be doing more “catching-up” anyway?

Finally, let them know. We spoke about objectives and how your targets can help you in different ways. They are many times more likely to be able to help you if you let them know how they can help you. Be specific. General statements such as “do you know anyone?” are less effective than a prompt such as “do you know a CPA because I am trying to set up a referral relationship with a quality practitioner?”

If you don’t like making the calls or you’re busy and want to keep it that way without taking the time to make the calls yourself, you need an ISA. Our skilled ISAs are trained to overcome objections and to pre-qualify your appointments. What does that mean for you? More appointments every month, the time to close more deals, and more time doing what you love. Call us today @ 305-440-9826!

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