You’re not creating a team, you’re getting a…


Run by Realtors. Trained by Realtors. Working only for Realtors.
Businesspeople Answering the Phone Call

We Make The Calls

You have enough to do. Inspections, appraisals, dealing with banks. Let us take care of the dialing.

appointments set by professionals

Your team will call, scrub, & qualify your leads, opening the door to a new appointments for you to close.
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#skilledISA #realtor #VPS #virtualpeoplesolutions #skilled #openhouse #closemoredeals #sellhomes #newlistings #freshrealestateleads #realestateleads #ISA #ISAs #skilledISAs

Focus On Money Activites

With a certified, qualified lead your closing ratios go up & so does your bank account.
Get More Qualified Leads
If you’re looking to spend less time on the phone, less time getting hung up on, less time talking to “people” & more time building your pipeline with “clients”, apply now.

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frequently asked questions

What’s the average cost for services?

We have a range of packages to suit your needs and your level of expertise. Prices vary depending on packages.

Are the ISAs trained for calling?

Yes, your team of ISAs are fully trained and highly skilled to overcome objections, qualify your leads and set appointments for you based on the days/times you specify.

Who supplies the dialer and list to call?

At the moment, we log into your systems and call on your leads. This is great for accountability.

Are you familiar with my lead sources or dialers?

Yes, every individual in the company is trained across the board for most CRMs and dialing systems.

Where are you located?
Do you guarantee listings?

We guarantee quality opportunities of nurture leads and appointments that will help you leverage your business. Your fully trained team of ISAs qualify your leads when setting your appointments, helping you to close more deals.

How many ISAs will be assigned to my team?

You will have multiple ISAs trained on your account to ensure full coverage at all times and 1 ISA assigned to your calling needs. We’re not joking when we sayyou have a team of ISAs to back you up.

How well do they speak English?

There is no language barrier whatsoever. Your trained team of ISAs are fluent in English & Spanish.

Are your services contracted?

We ask you for a 90-day commitment since we understand that situations occur, all we require is a 2-week notice if you decide to pause or cancel for any reason.