The Sales Prevention Department – Call Reluctance! Part 3

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In our last few posts, we’ve really hit on the topic of call reluctance as well as discussing its importance with regard to sales prevention. We also introduced the major forms of call reluctance that can be exhibited.

There is no doubt that everyone has some form of call reluctance that can affect their performance and especially their income. Now we must address the all-important question – what can you do about it?

Step 1 is admission. You can’t correct something unless you admit there is something wrong. That is exactly why we listed the common forms of call reluctance, so that you could recognize them.


Step 2 is to change the way you think about sales. We are beset by prejudices as we get older. Even if you are a sales person you may be influenced by the “classic” picture of a used car salesman twisting someone’s arm. But what is sales? It is really helping fill someone’s needs. It is not pushing them to do something they don’t want to do. It is all about helping. You need to remove the “classic” picture from your mind.


Step 3 is to change the way you think about what you sell. For example, there may be a dark cloud overhead in your personal life, however, that can’t stop you from being 110% behind the concept of homeownership. If you are not positively charged then you will have trouble selling.


Step 4 is to change your view. What you need to do is open your eyes wider and see the big picture. You may be looking for a “deal/paycheck” today–but what about the people you can help that may not pan out for months or even years? Are you willing to help them too? The more you help, the more referrals you will get and the less you will have to ask.


Step 5 is to change the way you think about the call. Going back to the “classic” definition, many of us see a call as a way to ask for THE business. we see the call as intrusive and perhaps as even badgering. However, as you open your eyes wider, you will see many other objectives to the call which are not as intrusive. How about an introduction to a financial planner or other potential referral source? Your contacts will not say no to that. And if they are interested in purchasing, they will let you know that as well. Just keep the door open during the conversation.

There will be a second benefit to this “introduction” objective. Your next call will be a warm call instead of a cold call. And warm calls are much easier to make than cold calls.

Step 6 is to change what you do. Pure logic here. You want to change your results, you have to change your actions. That means, among other things, you need to:


  • Get rid of enablers. The ones that enable you not to call. Perhaps they give you administrative tasks or empathize with you.
  • Get rid of lower priority tasks. There is no more important objective than increasing business. Make a list of things you do which are not related. Which can be eliminated or at least diminished? Make it so!
  • Delegate where you can. Assistant or no assistant, there are always some who should be doing the tasks you are now doing.
  • Measure the results. If your goal was to make ___ calls per day. How many did you make? If you did not meet your goals, what do you need to adjust to make it happen?


Step 7 is to make goals. Make sure these goals are specific and reasonable. Try to reach them one at a time using one step at a time. If your goal is 100 calls this month–then that is simply 4 to 5 calls per day. Make sure you prioritize as well…some calls are more important than others. Don’t make the easy ones first–make the important ones first.


Step 8 is to buddy up. Forget your boss. Find a buddy who will help you keep going as you help them. One call a day to a buddy can make all the difference. And make it fun—reward yourselves when either of you do something well!

Finally, you need to add more value to the lives of your target customers. The more value you add, the more emboldened you will be to ask. It is easy when you invoke the law of reciprocity. Many of us are bashful because we don’t feel deserving. The more value we deliver, the bolder we will become.

If you’re dealing with call reluctance and just don’t feel that you’re able to work on it, we’re here for you. We have a team of trained and skilled ISAs that can overcome objections, qualify your leads, and set your appointments month in and month out.

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