How To Maximize Your ROI Using The Concept Of Synergizing With An ISA

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In a previous post we discussed the legitimate need for an  Inside Sales Assistant and how you know you’re ready for one. Now it is time to move to the areas of recruitment, delegation and synergizing with that ISA.

How do I go about hiring an ISA?

First we need to determine what your goals are. This should be determined by a close look at your priorities as well as a look in the mirror. For example, in the accomplishment of your job, what can you handle and what will overwhelm you? What’s your closing ratio and can you handle performing multiple listings? You should be hiring to complement your skill-set instead of working against it. If you don’t like handling prospecting calls, then you will heavily rely on a well-trained ISA that can overcome objections and pre-qualify your appointments.

It is the screening of this necessary set of skills that will help you become more adept at hiring the right match. All too often we hire someone who is familiar but not a great match, even if they are a great “worker.” Not that you don’t want to find a great worker and someone who is reliable, but training, support, and skill-set should be the priority.

The mirror exercise will also help you determine what skills you yourself need tow ork on… Is it time management? Following up? Being more personable and being charismatic with your clients? Confidence, knowledge, etc. This will open up an opportunity to hone in your skills as a Realtor and be the best agent you can be.

Where do I look for an Inside Sales Assistant?

The first place to look is right around you. Your potential ISA will probably come from another Realtor or a co-worker. It may even come from the competition. The same exercise that is required for a great marketing plan, building and marketing your sphere is required for recruiting the right ISA. Exhaust all your resources, get references. Go with a company/person that is reputable and will provide a guarantee or a money-back offer to back up their claims.

What can I delegate to my ISA?

Appointment Setting: Most ISAs handle calls going out through your current lead source. Your ISA should be fully trained in your lead source and CRM and have freedom to dial as needed. Some companies have a “calling cap” on how many they’ll do daily, some companies go by # of appointments set – that’s usually where you can tell a good ISA company from one you may want to avoid. If they have a daily/monthly “calling cap” but don’t guarantee appointments set, then don’t waste your time.

Pre-Qualifying The Lead: Pre-Qualifying your leads should be the foremost objective of setting any appointment – you don’t want to waste your time. Having a pre-qualified lead is more likely to close as a listing than one who has not been asked the proper questions or had a chance to ask questions themselves.

Objection handling: One of the most important part of using an ISA is making sure they can handle objections with skill and confidence in a way that put your prospect at ease instead of on the fence. Take time to role-play with your ISA or ISA team to make sure they can properly deflect objections and get past the first line of defense so when you so up for the appointment, there’s already a legacy of competency, leading up to trust.

How can I maximize ROI using synergy?

There are many ways of integrating synergy into your plans for an ISA. The company or person you hire has a sphere of influence–can you exploit such to increase your own sphere? Can you provide incentives to complete your goal? Do you have a team member for fellow Real Estate Agent that can pick up appointments for you that you can’t make when you’re “overbooked” and give you a referral fee? There’s so many ways you can maximize your ROI and synergize your appointment setting.

Finding an ISA company or team from within your current sphere may actually solidify and strengthen an existing referral relationship. Synergy rule number one states “every action should have another objective.” Opening your eyes wider to opportunities in this manner will help you assess additional ways in which an ISA or team of ISAs can contribute to your long-term success.

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