THIS Is When You Get An Inside Sales Assistant (ISA)

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One of the most important rules of synergy marketing is to determine which tools are more effective than others. A good Inside Sales Assistant (ISA) can certainly be considered a tool. You may have the best marketing plan in the world, but if you are spending your day calling and don’t have the time to close the deal as a result, you’re unlikely to achieve your goals.

How can you tell if you need an Inside Sales Assistant? 

If too much of your time is spent on tasks not directly related to the development of new business you are a candidate for considering an ISA. For example, if you have been meaning to keep in touch with previous customers and cannot, this is a major indication of need. Try making a list of your most important priorities. How much time are you spending addressing these priorities as opposed to keeping your calendar full?

On the other hand, the need for an ISA may show up in other areas of your business. Have a marketing or technology project you have been meaning to undertake for years – but never get around to because you’re making calls to get appointments? Perhaps you should automate your office or build a database. Maybe you’re looking to break into a new market. If you have a goal to grow your business, but never seem to find the time to implement the activities to reach this goal, you may very well need an ISA.

You can understand that the most successful businesses put systems and people in place to assure the achievement of goals. It is no secret as to why top producers have a team of Inside Sales Assistants – not because their production requires such, but because they think like successful business people. Many times a single ISA is hired before the production comes.

Does having an Inside Sales Assistant make you a manager?

If you’re working with a large company, your ISA may not even report directly to you. While this may seem like a drawback, it is likely that the company has systems in place that will help support their training. On the other hand, if you are a self-employed Realtor, your ISA may be an independent contractor who’s partnering with you for your success. In either type of situation, it is imperative to understand what is being delivered versus what your expectations are before you take the initiative to hire one. If you don’t know what to look for or what you should expect, it will be much harder to pick the right company or independent ISA and much more difficult to implement your long-term plans.

Do you have to hire someone in-house to be an Inside Sales Assistant?

The answer is no. You may hire an individual or you might subcontract with a company to accomplish your goals. For example, instead of stuffing envelopes yourself, you might hire a mail house to accomplish this task. Instead of delivering flyers to offices, you might hire a flyer-delivery firm. In this case, instead of making the calls yourself and calling through your lead source, you’d be hiring an individual or a team do it for you.

Of course, you now have to weigh the options on how to choose who to work with. You have to do your research and get references. If it’s a company, who else has used them and had success? How long did it take to get these results? How soon can you expect to have appointments set for you and do the ISA or ISA team pre-qualify your leads so you’re walking into an appointment with people ready to buy or ready to sell?

How do you determine your goals with regard to your Inside Sales Assistant?

First, we should return to the aforementioned priority list. Where are you falling short? What areas can be most effectively improved upon, not just getting appointments and closing them. For example, if you are worried about paying for your ISA, there may be “low-hanging” fruit out there for the taking. Unfortunately, you are too busy to pick this fruit. Your ISA should be required to go do some “picking” (AKA pre-qualifying) so you can focus on closing more deals. If you are a good closer, then your income will rise to help you accommodate the extra expense.

GETTING the ISA is one thing, properly leveraging that ISA is another. Be sure that you go into every appointment ready to explain why this home buyer or home seller is going to work with you – not if. If your ISA is properly qualifying your leads, then they’ve already made a decision to buy or sell, you’ve just got to show them why it should be with you.

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