A Real Estate Agent’s #1 Closing Technique… Revealed!

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Most sales training programs spend time teaching realtors advanced closing techniques. We train real estate agents all about tools that can help close more deals.

Perhaps it is the alternative close—

Would you like to meet Tuesday or Thursday?

Perhaps it is the trial close—

Do you have enough information to make a decision?

No disrespect to the sales gurus of the world, but these techniques are not worth the energy expended upon them. Today we will introduce the only important close. Use it correctly and your business will increase—guaranteed! Even better, no training is necessary.

What is this close? We need to say “Thank You”. We need to say it more often, we need to say it in the right way and we need to make it part of our marketing plan.

The Importance Of Thank You

First, we will address the importance of these words. The importance goes to the very core of marketing and sales. What is the real marketing goal for a realtor? Why, it is to garner positive response from clients – of course! The best way to receive the right type of response is to separate yourself from the competition. Think about this for a moment. In America today — do the people who serve you say thank you enough? If you say thank you more often you will actually be separating yourself from the crowd. Companies spend thousands, even millions of dollars to appear unique. This is a bit easier.

The second reason these words are so important involves the goal of sales. We all have been told that people do business with people they like. Despite this fact, we continue to load sales training with techniques to overcome objections. What we should be stressing is techniques to help our customers respond to us. Well, people like people who are appreciative. It is as simple as that!

How To Properly Say Thank You

Now, let us move to the three aspects of saying thank you upon which we seem to fall short. First, we do not say it often enough. We feel that you should be posting the words thank you right in front of you every day. Forget posting your goals, scripts or anything else. Post a reminder that every phone call, every email and every other mode of communication should end with a sincere thank you – not merely when it is easy to say.

It’s easy to say thank you when someone refers you an important client. Don’t JUST say thanks… Say a sincere thank you when that important client changes their mind and decides to do business somewhere else. Instead of arguing, thank them for the opportunity and also let them know you will be available to help them even if you will not be guiding the transaction. A situation such as this is the real test.

We also do not say thank you in the right way, we say it at the end of the sentences. Instead, it should be the subject of your conversations. We should call clients after a deal closes and we should be calling for the express reason of thanking them for the opportunity to serve them. Not to call and say thanks and how about a referral or two.

Finally, our “thanks” should be an integral part of our marketing plan. How do we integrate a “thanks”? There are many ways… Everything from a gift to an appreciation event. Once again, it must be accomplished in the right way. If you give the same rote gift to every client during the year, it tells us that you do not put enough thought into the process. Gifts should be personalized and should be designed to add value to your client’s lives. Perhaps your thanks gives back to the community. Think about a project you can support for your church, alumni association or favorite charity. It doesn’t hurt that the members of these organizations become part of your marketing team. This is a great example of integrating “thanks” into your marketing plan.

We understand that this advice is not as glamorous as the great marketing ideas you typically receive. On the other hand, we don’t think you should spend another dime on marketing until you use this most important close in such a way that your business sky-rockets with appreciative clients and referrals.

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