You Can Change Your Results In Any Market… By Changing The Numbers – Part 3

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In the previous 2 blogs, we’ve gone over how you can change your results in any market… Even a recession! We began “drilling down to the details” in order to help a Realtor setup a marketing plan that will change their results by changing the size and scope of value they deliver to their sphere. We started by looking at tools that are required to implement such a plan. Now we will look at a few additional elements of the plan.

You must identify the targets. We will make the assumption here that you have built your sphere. The next question is, where do you go? The key word is prioritization. If you have put together a package of value, where do you take this value? A second key word is synergy. Synergy helps us get the most results in terms of numbers and effectiveness with the fewest amount of resources. We must conserve our time, money and energy – especially in times of lean.

The best route is business-to-business because other businesses will be aggregating potential prospects for you. These potential “synergy partners” can become top referral sources. Going back to the value we selected as an example, the typical sales person is fighting for the qualified prospects and they are all promising the same things – price and service.

What if you could walk into any office in America and focus on prospects that others are throwing out? Yes, it may take a year or more to get some of these prospects into shape to purchase, but that gives you a long-term pipeline as well. The value you deliver in this regard will help you generate quality referrals through the relationships you can now forge.

For example, if you can help a business person with a greater percentage of their prospects, why not use you more often? Part of this task is positioning and making sure you are not labeled as the person who specializes only in those who can’t qualify.

Even your advertising can focus upon these segments of the population. A couple of points are important here. First, consider using your sphere as the basis for advertising. That means your church bulletin instead of the newspaper. Second, you will be pleasantly surprised that many will respond who are more qualified than they think they are.

You must convert the leads. Attracting prospects using your new value-proposition is one thing. Making sure they become part of your pipeline and stay there is another. First, let us address the issue of conversion. Depending upon your mode of marketing, these leads may come from referral, direct phone call or electronically. Whatever your mode of harvesting, some very important rules apply–

  • Quick response is essential. This point is a sad indictment of the state of service in America, but the person who responds the quickest usually wins. The problem is that so few respond quickly. The good news is there will not be much competition in this regard. Be first in line and you increase your chances of converting dramatically.


  • Personal response is even more critical. The quick response must be personal. A phone call is best, but if you don’t have a number, then send a personal email instead of an automated response. Be sure to include some personal information such as “I see you live in_____,” I am originally from your area.


  • Don’t sell by email or voice mail. When you respond, you are likely to get a voice mail. Don’t put your sales message on tape or in an email.If you give them the information they want, there is no reason to call back. Keep the message short so that they are more likely to respond. With regard to emails, it is good to include a short-answer question that will increase response. A question such as “Is this your first time ______?” is easy for them to answer.


  • Make sure your voice mail message or email signature is professional and does not sound like everyone else’s. Most say: ”Hi, I am not at my desk right now.” The key to marketing is not sounding like everyone else. Have a short message that says to them – “I have found the right person.”


  • Follow-up. After the first conversation, the key is following up with the same intensity as you called back with the first time. Again, this is another sad indictment of the state of service in America, but most prospects will not be used to follow-up. Well, this is again an opportunity to differentiate yourself.


I hope that as you’re reading through this series, you’ve put everything into action immediately! Get started now and do it right, that way you can create the success you want in your business!

In the next blog post, we will be going over seeing your client through on your value delivery. It may sound complicated, but trust me, it’s not! You’ll have to stay tuned to find out. Use the sidebar to sign up for the list to get notified right away when the blog gets posted!

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