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100% Guaranteed Results

We stand behind the skills and training of our ISAs and our track record of success of every client that partners with us.

Higher Conversion Rates

Our team is experienced with various C.R.M. systems. We can work with any lead source and convert your leads into appointments, maximizing your ROI.

Skilled ISAs

Our highly skilled team of ISAs are trained and ready to deliver results, turning your leads in appointments saving you both time and money!

Dominate Your Competition

We have a track record of getting appointments with even the toughest of sales by overcoming objections and focusing on the needs of the customer and going after the sale before your competition does.

Exceeding Expectations

We consistently exceed expectations by offering proven solutions that get you results quickly, maximizing your ROI, and keeping YOUR reputation in mind every call, every time!

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close more deals

By partnering with Virtual People Solutions, you aren’t just getting an Inside Sale Associate (ISA), you are getting a team of fully trained, highly skilled professionals lasering in on your results. We thoroughly qualify your leads when we set your appointments, enabling you to close more deals with ease, allowing you to spend more of your time doing what you love.

Increasing Your Bottom Line

When you have more appointments with qualified leads, it leads to more homes list and more homes sold, increasing your bottom line.

Partnering With Ease

When you partner with VPS, we make the process as easy as possible by providing ISAs that are trained and experienced with several C.R.M. systems, ensuring that you don’t have to.

Providing quality leads

When your ISA team schedules appointments with your leads, we make sure to qualify those leads, overcome objections, and focus on the sale so you can close the deal.

Growing your customer base

Because our team is expertly trained to take care of your reputation when qualifying your leads, we give every customer White Glove Service, making them more likely to refer you to others in need of your services.

monitored for quality

Virtual People Solutions likes to ensure the quality of every call made and appointment set, that’s why we’ve implemented the ability to monitor or record each call so that it may be reviewed at any time.
Get More Qualified Leads
If you’re looking to spend less time on the phone, less time getting hung up on, less time talking to “people” & more time building your pipeline with “clients”, apply now.

let us help boost your closing ratio with qualified leads

Qualified Leads
Closed Deals

They trusted us

Take a look at what these satisfied customers have to say about partnering with Virtual People Solutions.
  • VPS has allowed me to take my business to the next level through their expired and FSBO prospecting. In just 8 short months, I have taken almost 2.5 million dollars in listings because of their efforts. Along with the immediate listings, we have millions of dollars more worth of listings in the pipeline. When we get these listings SOLD, our ROI is almost 1000%! (or more since I have already gotten both sides of one of those listings!) Thank you VPS! I look forward to continuing to grow with you.

    Frank Gaudino
    Frank Gaudino
  • I learned about VPS through a Facebook Group. In only 6 weeks, my ISA has managed to secure over 20 appointments with leads, 5 of which I was able to close the deal. Needless to say, I am very happy with a 20%+ conversion rate, and I am looking forward to a great year in partnership with VPS!

    Roger Michaels
    Roger Michaels Owner, R. Micharls Realty
  • VPS have been great partners to work with when dealing with our online leads for over a year and they've cut our work in half. They are very professional and have great skills to set appointments with our lead & CRM system. I'd recommend VPS to anyone wanting to leverage their time and ultimately make more money.

    Lee Barrison
    Lee Barrison
  • Since partnering with VPS I have had 1 listing close for $225K, 3 current pending buyer transactions in escrow and 1 new listing coming on the market in June for $350K!! They have been providing tremendous value to me and my team. Thank you VPS for all your help and support!

    Joe Symonette
    Joe Symonette
  • Very happy with their service. They are responsive and very good at what they do. I average 3 appointments set per week. Couldn't be happier!

    Jim Steele
    Jim Steele
  • After working with VPS for only a month and a half they've exceeded our expectations by far. I had two listing appointments scheduled on their very first day! I highly recommend VPS!

    JR Gill
    JR Gill

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Vulcan 7
#skilledISA #realtor #VPS #virtualpeoplesolutions #skilled #openhouse #closemoredeals #sellhomes #newlistings #freshrealestateleads #realestateleads #ISA #ISAs #skilledISAs
Espresso Agent
#skilledISA #realtor #VPS #virtualpeoplesolutions #skilled #openhouse #closemoredeals #sellhomes #newlistings #freshrealestateleads #realestateleads #ISA #ISAs #skilledISAs
Arch Agent
Cole Realty Source

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